Audience Response Polling Voting System


Technological change. The world changes It's time to bring the technology to use instead of raising your hand. And use the scorecard. For speed and transparency. And make sure the morning meeting participants vote or answer the questions. And make fun of. Students answer questions in the classroom.

The company is offering digital voting machines, which are popular in the industry. For IQ tests Conference To choose the chairman of the contest, singing on stage, game show or even exam.

"Sun Vote" is a voting machine. Work with radio frequency Two way communication When the voting machine sends the data to the database receiver. Will send the signal back The voting machine confirms that the information has been sent, so it is believed that the machine will work accurately and accurately. Give the answer as a percentage. The bar graph. The pie graph can set the countdown time in the vote. Immediately finish the vote. Can make reports. Who voted? We have participated in Development of the program. To suit the local use. But still a high standard. And it can be used in a variety of formats.

  • Educational
  • institution Medical
  • examination Meeting
  • Different company
  • financial institution
  • Government
  • etc

"So if you want technology that helps in voting,  Leave a comment or answer any other questions. We are happy to serve you advanced technology and professional quality team with more than 10 years experience. "

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The United Nations uses the Sunvote voting machine from our company at an international conference.
The United Nations uses the Sunvote voting machine from our company at an international conference.
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TIJ selects SUNVOTE service for seminar
TIJ selects SUNVOTE service for seminar Ask participants for feedback.
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Medical conference by Novartis
  The Novartis medical conference is confident that our voting machine is part of the job. Used to answer questions
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